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2016 Nonprofit Community Engagement Champion Award

Congratulations to Coalition on Homelessness: winner of the $10,000 2016 Community Engagement Champion Award!
After much deliberation by our judges, we are proud to announce the winner of our 2016 Community Engagement Champion Award! Congratulations Coalition on Homelessness! The Coalition on Homelessness serves and advocates for people who are living without permanent housing in San Francisco. They are "deeply committed to uplifting the political power of the homeless community" and make sure that "decisions that effect homeless people are made with input from homeless people themselves."

In this election year, we want to celebrate the community engagement work that nonprofits are doing through voter engagement and education. Because community nonprofits are already trusted by constituents and have deep connections in California communities, conversations among staff, donors, clients, patrons, and volunteers about voting are powerful. A 2012 Nonprofit VOTE study found that when nonprofits talked to their clients about voting turnout increased substantially, particularly among traditionally underrepresented communities.
The 2016 Community Engagement Champion Award, sponsored by CalNonprofits Insurance Services and the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), recognizes a CalNonprofits member organization that serves the community through voter engagement. We encourage nominations from organizations in every subsector, whether or not voter engagement is part of your primary mission.

The panel of judges, including CalNonprofits board members and non-board members, will award $10,000 to an organization that actively connects with their community to engage them in conversations about voting.

Community Engagement Badge

Examples of voter engagement activities that do not support or oppose candidates or parties:

  • Registering voters
  • Serving as a polling place
  • Helping constituents get to the polls on election day
  • Providing information on how to vote (webinars, classes, flyers, webpages, etc.)
  • Holding a candidate forum
  • Get Out the Vote activities
  • Educating your community about ballot measures


  • Nominee must be a full nonprofit member of CalNonprofits in good standing through 12/31/16*
  • Nominations must be received by November 18, 2016 at 5pm
  • The nominee does not have to focus mostly on policy or voter education, we encourage nominations of organizations working in the arts, human services, environment, and all other subsectors.

CalNonprofits Insurance Services (CIS), a subsidiary of CalNonprofits, is the one-stop solution for nonprofits looking for insurance, personalized customer service, and education tailored to the specialized needs of nonprofits. CIS offers a full range of employee benefit (health, dental, vision, and more) and liability insurance products (Directors and Officers, volunteer liability, cyber liability, event insurance and more) as well as exclusive nonprofit insurance programs. Each year CIS offers a $10,000 prize to a nonprofit organization doing excellent work in a specific area. Nominees are not required to be CIS clients to win. For more information or a free quote visit

CalNonprofits’ Vote with Your Mission program encourages nonprofits to mobilize their staff, volunteers and constituents as voters and for policymakers to appreciate the nonprofit community as a powerful voting force. For more information, visit

For information and to nominate an organization visit:


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