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2020 Updates for California Employers

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We are well into the first month of the year, bringing with it various updates for California employers. A number of laws that impact California employers began January 1, 2020, and nonprofit employers should be aware of the changes to existing laws, as well as some new ones.  To help, we have prepared a California Employment Law Action Items & Resource Quick Reference Guide with links to resources.

ThinkHR – a Complimentary HR, Benefits, and Compliance Resource for Clients

We have partnered with ThinkHR to provide their robust People Risk Management (PRM) solution as a complimentary service to help our clients save time and money while reducing risks associated with HR and compliance issues. ThinkHR is an excellent resource for Federal and State law guidance and updates.  Subscribers of ThinkHR can also call the Live Hotline for answers to many HR and labor-related questions.  Beginning February 3, 2020, extended hours will be available – from 5 A.M. to 5 P.M.

California Employment Law Action Item & Resource Quick Reference Guide

Action Item Resource Link

Ensure a current labor law poster is posted
California & Federal Labor Law Combo Poster
Review minimum wage changes applicable to your location(s) and size and adjust pay rates as necessary Login to ThinkHR then:
Comply > State Laws > California > Minimum Wage and Overtime


Download Minimum Wage and Overtime Article
Ensure all independent contractors are properly classified and not actually considered to be employees
Login to ThinkHR then:
Comply > State Laws > Wages and Hours > Independent Contractors


Download ThinkHR Independent Contractors Article

Update on Independent Contractors Classification
Ensure your employees and payroll department know the correct reimbursement rate for employees using personal vehicles for business. Standard Mileage Rates 2020
Ensure your employee handbook is up to date with all new laws and policies including:
1. Lactation acommodations
2. Protected hairstyles
3. Paid Family Leave duration
ThinkHR subscribers can create a Living Handbook that provides you with new laws and policies as they become effective.

Log in to ThinkHR
then select Handbooks on menu


Download Living Handbook Product Datasheet

If you offer a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), ensure notification to employees of any deadlines to withdraw funds before the end of the year (for both health FSAs and dependent care accounts (DCAPs).
No model notice or timing has been provided.  You can read the actual law here:  Assembly Bill No. 1554
Ensure the designated responsible person in your workplace knows your rights to obtain a gun violence restraining order pertaining to an employee if necessary. Log in to ThinkHR then: Comply > Safety and Health > Workplace Violence


Download Workplace Violence Article
If you have 5 or more employees, ensure non-supervisory employees complete qualified CA Harassment training (1-hour version) and supervisory employees complete qualified CA Harassment training (2-hour version) every 2
For Supervisory training (clients and Calnonprofits members) Log in to ThinkHR then: Learn > Harassment > Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers in California (AB1825/2053/ SB1343), Connecticut & Maine  

For Non-supervisory training, contact us for discounted pricing if you are our client or member of CalNonprofits.

Review updated reporting requirements for Cal/OSHA.

Assembly Bills 1804 and 1805 FAQs

Cal/OSHA Guide Rev. 08/19
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2020 California Employment Law Action Items as list with check marks

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