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De-Stress With 30 Days of Mindfulness

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March 29, 2019


Since 1992, April has been designated as Stress Awareness Month. With so many stressors in life these days it can sometimes become overwhelming, and it can even begin to affect your health. It may not seem like much here and there but all of the little effects can start to add up. Here are some effects you might see:


Common effects of stress on your body

Muscle tension or pain
Chest pain

Upset stomach
Sleep problems

Common effects of stress on your mood

Lack of motivation or focus

Feeling overwhelmed
Irritability or anger
Sadness or depression

Common effects of stress on your behavior

Overeating or undereating
Angry outbursts
Drug or alcohol abuse

Tobacco use
Social withdrawal
Exercising less often


So how do we combat stress and work to achieve healthier lifestyles? Here are a few tips!

• Gratitude. People with a greater level of gratitude tend to have stronger relationships with loved ones and with themselves. Appreciating their loved ones causes their loved ones to appreciate them more, creating a cycle of appreciation. In short, grateful people tend to be healthier people.

Treat yourself. While junk food is not recommended as the antidote for anxiety, there are a handful of immune-boosting desserts made with fresh blueberries, strawberries, honey, and whole grains that make for a wonderful daily indulgence. Even chocolate has its health benefits when consumed in moderation.

• Exercise. A good jog around the neighborhood or a workout session at the gym will get those “feel good” chemicals called endorphins pumping in your brain that lend a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

• Get enough rest. Feeling like you’re ready to take on the world after a long, restful sleep? You’re not far off. Cells are regenerated and harmful invaders (like cancer cells) are destroyed while we sleep and leaves us feeling thoroughly de-stressed and rejuvenated.

• Pet a pet. Science shows that the unconditional love that pets provide helps us to de-stress, and has powerful effects on lowering our blood pressure.

• Meditate. Simply taking time to collect your thoughts will often lead to increased energy and stamina to get you through a hectic, stressful day.

Speaking of meditating, we have partnered with Headspace to bring meditation and its benefits to our office. Join us in kicking off Stress Awareness Month by participating in 30 Days of Mindfulness! Each day there is a different mindfulness exercise that will help your mind feel calmer, clearer, and kinder!


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