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New! Easy! Insurance for Special Events

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Special Events

Made Easy


CalNonprofits Insurance Services has always been able to provide coverage for your special events – either through an annual general liability policy that includes events or a one-time event policy. Now, we are excited to announce that through our partnership with an A++ rated carrier, we can cover your one-time special events easily, safely, and faster than you ever thought possible!

Our online portal, CoverSmart through USLI, will allow you to get a quote, bind coverage, submit payment and receive your policy, usually in one visit. You can even get a Certificate of Insurance to satisfy contract requirements. Depending on the type of coverage you need, there will be 3-7 eligibility questions and 4 easy steps.  Liquor Liability coverage can even be included!

Examples of eligible events include –

  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting Events (Tournaments, competitions, games)
  • Bike races, Triathlons, Runs (5K, 10K, Marathons)
  • Bingo Games/Casino Nights
  • Cat/Dog Shows
  • Auctions/Bazaars
  • Holiday events (light shows, galas, parties, social events)
  • Performances of all types
  • Conventions, Tradeshows & Exhibits
  • Political Campaign Events
  • And so much more…

If you act as a venue and allow others to rent your premises for one-time events – you can use our link to help your lessees obtain coverage that will satisfy your contract requirements.

CoverSmart is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week!  If you already have an annual General Liability Policy – special events may be included.  Contact your account manager, talk to our great team at 888-427-5224, or email for more information!

New! Insurance for Special Events Quote. Click Here!

About the Author

  • Founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), CalNonprofits Insurance Services was established during a time of diminishing insurance options for nonprofits. One of the driving reasons for establishing the association was to use the collective influence of the sector to secure more stable and quality insurance. We have developed, and are known for, our wide spectrum of services reflecting expertise in both the insurance and nonprofit sectors, our superior customer service, and our development of exclusive insurance products, including a highly successful dental and vision trust. We insure more than 1,200 nonprofit organizations throughout California and we are the only California brokerage specializing in insurance for nonprofits. Our clients range from newly established nonprofits all the way to venerable organizations with multiple locations statewide.

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