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Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report

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Reminder! The Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report, published on April 17th by Oakland-based Nonprofit Compensation Associates (NCA), is available to order. If you have not purchased a copy, you still can! 

Six hundred thirteen (613) nonprofit organizations that employ over 44,000 employees participated in the survey. More than 33,000 individual salaries were categorized into two hundred fifty-two (252) job titles. According to Nonprofit Compensation Associates, “This is the largest nonprofit compensation and benefits survey ever produced for Northern California since the Management Center published the first survey in 1978 in terms of the number of survey jobs reported”.

Your organization will need the wealth of information produced by the 2020 survey to compete effectively in this ever-changing playing field. This year, a supplemental survey is also included with valuable insights on economic impacts related to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

When you order the 2020 survey, you receive:

  • Current, local compensation data and salary increases information.
  • Data to determine employee benefits, paid time off, insurance, and retirement information for the region.
  • Information for policies such as on-call work, overtime, shift differentials, pay for bilingual skills, introductory periods, performance reviews, and more!
  • Insight on COVID-19 economic impacts for Northern California.
  • A great discount on the purchase price if you participated in the survey. The purchase price and discount are based on your annual expenses. See the Survey Report Fee Schedule.

The survey serves nonprofit organizations in all 48 Northern California counties, a vast geographic area from Del Norte County in the far northwest to Inyo County in the far southeast. NCA makes special efforts to serve both larger and smaller nonprofit organizations, as well as those from traditionally under-served counties, both urban/suburban and rural. To see how they do it, visit How the Survey Serves All Kinds of Nonprofits .

CalNonprofits Insurance Services continues to be a sponsor of the survey to help California’s nonprofits remain competitive. To find out how your agency can acquire this must-have resource (published April 17th), visit, or contact NCA at or (510) 645-1005. 

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