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FAQ: Summer Internships

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April 5, 2017


A few local college kids home on spring break approached my boss asking for unpaid summer internships so they could get work experience on their résumés. My boss thinks it’s a great idea because we have no budget for additional staff but lots of work they could do. Is it okay to put these students to work but not pay them over the summer?



*FAQ’s provided by the Unemployment Services Trust

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  • Founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), CalNonprofits Insurance Services was established during a time of diminishing insurance options for nonprofits. One of the driving reasons for establishing the association was to use the collective influence of the sector to secure more stable and quality insurance. We have developed, and are known for, our wide spectrum of services reflecting expertise in both the insurance and nonprofit sectors, our superior customer service, and our development of exclusive insurance products, including a highly successful dental and vision trust. We insure more than 1,200 nonprofit organizations throughout California and we are the only California brokerage specializing in insurance for nonprofits. Our clients range from newly established nonprofits all the way to venerable organizations with multiple locations statewide.

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