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Keeping Your Staff Healthy and Safe

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March 30, 2018

Keeping your staff healthy and safe is always a top priority, so here are some tips on how to maintain a safe workplace and promote healthy lifestyles.


Promote Preventative Care

  • Explain what your health insurance plan offers.
  • Include Acupuncture and Chiropractic care in your benefits package.
  • Hold seminars about disease prevention strategies: cholesterol, cardiovascular health, etc.
  • Educate employees about cold and flu symptoms and treatment.
  • Encourage employees to stay home when they’re sick.
  • Remind employees about proper hand hygiene.
  • Place disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the office.
  • Offer rewards to employees for getting their screenings.

Increase Physical Activity

  • Set up bikes racks.
  • Promote employees to take stretch breaks.
  • Encourage employees to use the stairs if possible.
  • Form a walking group.
  • Host organization-wide challenges and use raffle tickets to encourage participation.

Improve Eating Habits

  • Encourage employees to bring their lunch and healthier snacks instead of eating out.
  • Create an outdoor seating area, if space allows.
  • Educate your staff on the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day.
  • Provide tips and healthy recipes.
  • Host a potluck and encourage healthy options.

Reduce Stress

  • Bring pets to work. Make clear to your employees that their dogs must be well behaved and nonagressive, that they must take care to clean up after the animal, and to be conscious of any allergies.
  • Allow telecommuting or flexible schedules. These options allow employees to meet their personal commitments which may include exercise and other health activities.
  • Consider offering an employee assistance program.
  • Provide trainings on time management.
  • Remind employees to take breaks. Give your eyes a break from the computer screen and move around.
  • Encourage your staff to take vacation/PTO.

Around the Office

  • Stay clutter-free – no boxes, files, or various items piled in walkways. In addition, stretching cords across walkways or under rugs creates tripping hazards.
  • Require staff to use a stepladder in lieu of rolling office chairs.
  • Carpeting and other skid-resistant surfaces can serve to reduce falls especially in doorways.
  • Files cabinets with too many full extended drawers could tip or cause a tripping hazard. Be sure all file cabinets are securely fastened to the walls and drawers are closed when not in use.


  • Provide adjustable equipment and train employees on how to use it: chairs, work surfaces, monitor stands, document holders, etc.
  • Correctly position monitors and mouse.
  • Minimize screen glare, wear the right glasses, and increase font size on your computer.
  • Give your eyes a rest and allow them to focus on things at varying distances to reduce strain and fatigue.
  • Check with your workers’ compensation carrier to see if they do ergonomic inspections.

Fire Safety

  • Never block fire sprinklers or hang things off fire sprinklers.
  • Post emergency exit routes, do not block fire escape routes or prop open fire doors.
  • Have exits and fire extinguishers clearly labeled.
  • Create a safety awareness culture.


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