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Make Sure You’re Covered – A Guide to Event Liability

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September 26, 2017

Nonprofits frequently host events; whether they be for fundraising (casino night, concerts, etc.), or staff/client /donor appreciation. Many times it is just assumed that an event would be covered by your General Liability or Property insurance policy. This could be an expensive assumption!


Consider all the things that go into planning an event:
• Venue
• Number in attendance
• Food Service
• Alcohol
• Entertainment
• Parking
• Security

Now think about all the various legal documents that might need to be in place:
• Facility Use Agreement
• Hold Harmless Agreement
• Additional Insured Endorsement
• Certificate of Insurance
• Waiver of Subrogation
• Participant Waiver

What could possibly go wrong?? What if…

Someone slips on a wet dance floor and injures themselves?
Children running around, trip on a cord and get drenched by the hot coffee container attached to it?
A fight breaks out at a concert and innocent bystanders are injured?
An intoxicated person leaves a fundraiser where liquor was served or sold and injures another party in a car accident?

While no one likes to think about bad things happening, a properly written event policy may just save the day! Event coverage terms vary from carrier to carrier; sometimes a certain number of pre-disclosed events are automatically included with General Liability coverage; sometimes automatic coverage only applies based on a limited number of attendance or guests; Liquor Liability (as opposed to Host Liquor) has an additional cost – just to name a few.

In any case, it’s crucial that you discuss any events you will be having with your Property Casualty Account Manager, well in advance of the actual date of the event. Be sure to mention any legal documents you may have been asked to sign. We will be happy to work with your insurance carrier to ensure you’re properly protected and can hold that event with peace of mind!

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