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Regular Eye Exams = Healthier Employees

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Regular vision exams from an eye doctor is an excellent wellness strategy!   In fact, regular eye exams can lead to early detection of many preventable diseases. The retina is the only place in the body where the doctor can view your blood vessels directly. This allows for early detection of a multitude of diseases including, cancer, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and diabetes. Did you know, concussions can be detected through an eye exam?

Benefits of Offering a Group Vision Plan

Offering a group vision plan is inexpensive and encourages regular eye exams even for those that have 20/20 vision. The average person is 4 times more likely to get an eye exam than to get an annual physical. According to EyeMed, health issues may cost employers an average of $1,685 per employee each year. Early detection of serious conditions may be a key factor in reducing these costs for nonprofit employers.

Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging is a relatively new technique for examining eye health. More importantly, it is being used for early detection of diseases.  In addition, It is a way to detect changes over time to your eyes and their health. Our exclusive VSP vision plans in the Nonprofit Benefits Trust cover retinal imaging at a low $20 copay. Many other vision plans may include this benefit as well.  

Blue Light Exposure

Blue Light Exposure is another serious issue for our eye health for the reason that it causes strain and damage to the eyes. Viewing screens, LED lighting, and the sun are all sources of blue light. As a result, many eye experts recommend blue light blocking glasses even if you do not require vision correction.   We should also protect our children’s eyes now before all the screen time damages their vision.  Our exclusive Nonprofit Benefits Trust plans offer blue light blockers at a highly discounted rate.  

Consider Vision Insurance

For these reasons, we encourage you to consider Vision Insurance as part of your employee benefits package. Communicate to employees the importance of vision benefits and annual exams as part of a wellness program. Vision insurance can be offered as an employer paid group plan or as a voluntary plan where employees pay premiums. We can help you educate your employees on eye health and craft a vision insurance plan to suit your budget.   Contact us at 888-427-5224 or

By Colleen Lazanich


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  • Colleen has over 20 years of experience crafting insurance programs for nonprofits, she is an insurance geek and actually enjoys reading insurance policies and forms. If she isn’t working, you can find her scuba diving in exotic locations or cooking up delicious meals for her family (husband, 4 children, 3 grandbabies, and Abby the incredible McNab).

2 thoughts on “Regular Eye Exams = Healthier Employees”
  1. Derek McDoogle says:

    My sister told me that she cannot see well at night when she drives back home. I did not know that viewing screens and the sun can be a cause of blue light issues. Thanks for sharing this article, I will suggest to her to get an eye exam to find out what is her vision problem because she spends a lot of time using her computer in the office.

    1. CalNonprofits Insurance says:

      Thanks for commenting, Derek. Yes, blue light filters for eyeglasses are a good way to maintain your vision health as well as for prevention. Did you know that blue light can cause eye strain in as little as 2 hours of staring into a computer or mobile device screen? Here is a link for more information on blue light filters as a lens enhancement for eyeglasses:

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