The following webinars and virtual events are hosted by CalNonprofits Insurance Services and our partners. Keep checking back for upcoming webinars! They are easy-to-understand and will provide you with insurance information and tips that all nonprofits need to know.

The New Workers’ Comp Landscape for Nonprofits

Did you miss the live webinar, The New Workers’ Comp Landscape for Nonprofits held on October 14th?

You can still get these important updates and the latest insights! Learn about new and changing legislation and how these changes could impact your nonprofit’s Workers’ Comp costs. View the recorded webinar.

Featured Speakers:
Karen E. Pointer, Esq., Lerman & Pointer, LLP
Colleen Lazanich, CEO, CalNonprofits Insurance Services
Lucy Salcido Carter, Public Policy Director, CalNonprofits
Moderated by Jan Masaoka, CEO, CalNonprofits

CalNonprofits Virtual Policy Convention: What’s Next?

Are you registered for the CalNonprofits Virtual Policy Convention on November 17-19, 2020? Registration is FREE for staff and volunteers of CalNonprofits member organizations! Visit the CalNonprofits website to learn more and register for the convention:

CalNonprofits Webinar Series

Calnonprofits has partnered with Public Counsel to bring you a 4-part webinar series, Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Nonprofits. See the webinar announcement for more information.

Fall (Date/Time TBA)

Tips for Downscaling Your Organization

Winter (Date/Time TBA)

Implementing Assembly Bill 5

ThinkHR Webinars

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ThinkHR offers free webinars open to the public on COVID-19 related guidance for employers and HR administrators. Visit their Upcoming Webinars page for all scheduled webinars.ThinkHR Upcoming Webinars

State Fund Free Safety Seminars

State Fund’s free online safety seminars are presented by experts and help you learn to to reduce the risk of injury in your workplace.

Learn More and Register for Safety Seminars

Webinar Recordings

Unemployment Services Trust (UST) Webinars

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Unemployment Services Trust has the following on-demand webinars to help nonprofits with COVID-19 related HR and organizational strategies:

Telecommuting Strategies Beyond COVID-19

Supporting Nonprofit Sustainability During a Crisis

Preparing for Re-Entry to the Workplace

Employee Engagement & Mental Wellness During COVID-19

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How to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

Aligning People, Place, and Purpose for Wellness

One in five adults will experience a mental illness in any given year, affecting all areas of their life, including work. For example, more than half of workers with stress and anxiety say it impacts their productivity, relationships with coworkers, and the quality of their work.

And that affects every employer’s bottom line: Serious mental illness costs Americans $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year. In addition, increased disability claims may be a result which further impacts both employer and employee.

Join ThinkHR, in partnership with Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), for a free webinar where guest presenter Sara Rauch, MS, an organizational psychology practitioner at WELCOA, will discuss the risks to mental and physical health if do we not create meaningful wellness interventions for our employees.

Sara will also share three ways we can start aligning people, place, and purpose to achieve real change in our organizations and support a mentally healthy workplace.Approved for SHRM and HRCI credit.Webinar Replay

Clients receive a free subscription to ThinkHR. Please contact us if you are a client and would like your login credentials. No login required to view webinar.

CalNonprofits Insurance Services Educational Series

Insurance 101

An Introduction to Workers’ Compensation Insurance