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Stay Out of Hot Water with the Updated Nonprofit Compliance Checklist and Webinar

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May 31, 2018

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Worried about annual filings and compliance requirements? Check out the updated Nonprofit Compliance Checklist. . . and register for our Compliance Webinar!

What is the Nonprofit Compliance Checklist? It outlines the who, when, and what of compliance rules for nonprofits in California, all in one-place, with links to the forms, instructions, and frequently asked questions.

We created this resource because we’ve received a lot of questions from nonprofits wondering if there was a list with all of the state and federal compliance requirements they need to meet. We’re proud to say more than one nonprofit staff person has said “thank you for saving me all the work of tracking these down myself!”

We also invite you to join us for a webinar on June 28th where we’ll go more in-depth on understanding and these requirements- more information is below.

Our recent updates to the checklist make it easier to determine which requirements apply to your nonprofit, if, for example, you sponsor raffles, have employees, sell merchandise, or claim a property tax exemption. Wondering if you’ve missed any state filings? It tells you how to check.

Please take a look at the updated version and share it with your networks: CalNonprofits Nonprofit Compliance Checklist.

We’re grateful to our members whose dues help support the creation of resources like the checklist (one of the most visited pages on our website). If your organization is not yet a member, find out more about the benefits we offer, including free webinars like the one below.


You’re Invited: June 28th Webinar: How to Keep Your Nonprofit out of Hot Water

In conjunction with releasing the updated checklist, we’re excited to share that Erin Bradrick, Senior Counsel with NEO Law Group, will present a webinar titled: “How to Keep Your Nonprofit Out of Hot Water” on Thursday, June 28th. Erin was a member of the committee working with the California Attorney General’s Office on the recently revised Guide for Charities. She’ll be joined by CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka, and they will go over some of the new aspects of the Guide for Charities and other relevant California laws, as well as the various federal and state entities that oversee nonprofits, and ongoing corporate and tax-exemption related forms that California nonprofits must complete. The webinar will cover which federal and California regulatory agencies oversee nonprofits (it’s not just the IRS!), how to know if a filing or registration requirement applies to your organization, and what to do if your organization is out of compliance with a filing or registration requirement.


How to Keep Your Nonprofit out of Hot Water

Thursday, June 28th, 11:00AM to 12:00PM (Pacific)
Free for CalNonprofits Members, $10 for not-yet members
Register here


Webinar Speakers

Erin Bradrick was awarded the American Bar Association’s “On the Rise- Top 40 Young Lawyers” by the ABA Young Lawyers Division last year.

Jan Masaoka, CalNonprofits CEO, works with nonprofits and legislators from across the state on policy issues impacting nonprofits.











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  • Founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), CalNonprofits Insurance Services was established during a time of diminishing insurance options for nonprofits. One of the driving reasons for establishing the association was to use the collective influence of the sector to secure more stable and quality insurance. We have developed, and are known for, our wide spectrum of services reflecting expertise in both the insurance and nonprofit sectors, our superior customer service, and our development of exclusive insurance products, including a highly successful dental and vision trust. We insure more than 1,200 nonprofit organizations throughout California and we are the only California brokerage specializing in insurance for nonprofits. Our clients range from newly established nonprofits all the way to venerable organizations with multiple locations statewide.

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