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YIKES! Could That Really Happen?

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April 18, 2017

What would you do if:

  • A child under the care of an employee for your organization was given the wrong medication and hospitalized?
  • A teacher restrains a difficult child but does not correctly follow take-down protocols?
  • A caller to your suicide-prevention hotline later harms themselves?
  • A baby in a foster care home (certified by your nonprofit) dies in her sleep?

If you think your regular General Liability insurance policy would protect your organization, you might have an unhappy, potentially expensive surprise.

Protection for incidents such as these are better handled with Social Service Professional Liability coverage. Professional Liability includes errors and omissions in providing or failing to provide social services. In some cases, this coverage is added by endorsement to your General Liability policy. Other times, a separate policy will be obtained. Premiums will vary based on the number of employees covered, and the type of services you provide.

While most Social Service Professional policies cover professionals such as nurses, instructors, resident home care providers, childcare workers, therapists, and more, be aware that physicians and psychiatrists are usually excluded and must have separate coverage.

As always, not all policies are created equally! To find out more about proper protection for your organization, we strongly recommend discussing your options with your CalNonprofits Insurance Property/Casualty Account Manager.

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