Success Stories

Here at CalNonprofits Insurance Services, we take pride in our hard work and customer service. Hear what some of our customers have to say about our success.

“CalNonprofits Insurance Services has been an integral part of our growth as a non-profit organization as they have helped us build a competitive benefits package for our employees, which had never been done before given the size of our organization, our limited bandwidth and budget.”

Center for Powerful Public Schools

“Pure and simple, they give me peace of mind in an area I am not an expert!

It’s a successful partnership because they are very responsive, very patient and they truly partner with me to help me understand the whole benefits industry a little better, but at the same time are immensely supportive. With CalNonprofits Insurance as an extended part of my benefits team, I am able to focus on other areas to better support our employees.”

The Center to Promote HealthCare Access

“Your level of customer service is incredible and I am so appreciative. Compared to other groups, we are tiny, I know. But you have really made us feel like we are an important client.”

Special Kids Crusade

“The professionalism and responsiveness are superb at CalNonprofits Insurance. For a busy President and CEO, I need to feel I can get quick, concise and important answers to today’s challenges in obtaining and affordable health, dental and vision benefits for the employees of the organization which I can attest to with CalNonprofits Insurance. They are thorough and informative on any laws or regulations governing the ever-changing field of Employee Benefits. I would highly recommend them to any other Non Profit Organization.”

Parents Anonymous

“We’re able to offer our staff a complete suite of employment benefits and the CalNonprofits agents find creative solutions to the most daunting insurance requests. As a growing international nonprofit our insurance needs are endlessly changing. The agents at CalNonprofits helps us to keep pace with these changes and avoid the risk of being underinsured and the expense of being overinsured.

For me as an HR manager, CalNonprofits is a big help. It is wonderful to have authoritative answers to difficult insurance questions and our staff is delighted to have the support our agent provides.”

Island Conservation