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We understand nonprofits because that is ALL we do. CalNonprofits Insurance Services is a social enterprise subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits). Revenue generated through CalNonprofits Insurance stays in the nonprofit sector and strengthens the nonprofit community.

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CalNonprofits Insurance Services is the one-stop insurance solution for California nonprofits.

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Did you know that drivers who are talking on handheld or hands-free devices can still fail to see 50% of their surroundings? Avoid the distractions and #JustDrive

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How we sit affects the health of the spine. If your office chairs that you sit in 7-8 hours a day aren’t properly adjusted to your body, you can be seriously damaging your spine. bit.ly/2HlM6mf

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Happy Earth Day! Stumped on how to celebrate? Here are 5 things you can do today to celebrate the beautiful planet we call home! bit.ly/2HcJL0V

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The biggest threat he poses is on the road. Hang up and #justdrive. Learn more at www.nsc.org/justdrive #distracteddrivingawarenessmonth

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High five to all of the amazing volunteers out there donating their time and resources to help the continued success of nonprofits! #NationalVolunteerWeek #NationalHighFiveDay

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